E-Energies, Sadel’s energy investment arm, is paving the way towards a sustainable future through innovative and transformational investment.

E-Energies understands the future of energy. Investing in sustainable infrastructure, E-Energies exists to revolutionise energy-intensive industries.


E-Energies has specific and narrow focus; investing in disruptive businesses and technologies that support the drive to Net Zero with a particular focus on solutions for Energy Intensive Industries and Commercial Transport Systems.


At E-Energies we believe in taking responsibility for creating disruptive positive impact on the way energy is generated and consumed in commercial and industrial settings. The journey towards a cleaner ecosystem is a transformation we are actively pursuing.


E-Energies operates within a specific and narrow focus in terms of investment and development areas so that our team of experts can pursue the businesses and technologies that will drive the most significant impact to our target markets.


Many of the technologies, systems and processes needed to create the energy market of the future do not currently exist, so it is essential that we embrace change and see innovation as one of the driving forces of our mission.


With significant involvement in energy intensive business operations such as transport and cold storage, Sadel Group had the expertise at hand to develop and co-develop energy infrastructure within the existing supply chains where advances could be most impactful.

E-Energies focuses on developing and implementing technologies for the provision of sustainable and renewable energy to industrial  units where benefits can be reaped by other Sadel Group enterprises.


Sadel Group targets NETZERO across our portfolio and is driving renewable energy development in supply chains across the UK and Europe.


E-Energies is committed to designing and building the UK’s desperately needed next generation of supply chain energy infrastructure.


Focused on the UK’s crucial logistics and cold storage supply chains, E-Energies is disrupting an under-developed market.

Our Projects

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Waste to Energy
E-Energies is investing in solutions to produce energy from non-recyclable waste that would otherwise go to landfill.
Magnavale Easton
Magnavale, a provider of temperature controlled storage, announce they have secured funding to construct Europe's largest most efficient cold storage unit.
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